About Thinkspace

Founded in Los Angeles in 2005, and located in the Culver City art district since 2009, Thinkspace was established with a commitment to the promotion and dissemination of young and emerging art. The gallery is a catalytic conduit for the emerging New Contemporary art scene, and is dedicated to the exposure of its tenets and its artists. This movement, straddled between popular culture, graphic art, design and street art, is subject to steadily increasing global expansion, and is in need of institutional advocates.

Thinkspace is positioned to create opportunities and a visible platform for its recognition and proliferation. The movement is young, but significant, and Thinkspace’s aim is to establish both a curatorial forum and a collector base for its output. As an institution, Thinkspace is committed to vision, risk, and the exceptional talents that wield it. From the streets, to the gallery, from the “margins”, to the white cube, Thinkspace is re-envisioning what it means to be “institutional”. As a haven for talent, and a venue founded in passion, conviction, and community, the gallery’s mandate is rooted in projections for its future longevity. We intend to be a vehicle for the talents we vet for year’s to come, and are passionate advocates for their vision and their dreams.

Andrew Hosner – Curator and Public Relations / co-owner
Shawn Hosner – Senior Director and Financial Coordinator / co-owner
L. Croskey – Head Preparator / co-owner
Ken Flewellyn – Associate Director and Registrar
John Wilmes – Assistant Director
Bekka Utermohlen – Gallery Assistant
Anthony Clarkson – Design and Branding
Suzette Franck – Web Development
Bryan ‘Birdman’ Mier – Photography / Site Management
Daniel Weintraub (aka Halopigg) – Secret Agent


Special Projects:

Thinkspace is always looking to contribute, host or take on new projects in or outside of our space. We have curated shows at various institutions including the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona as well as the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, Germany and the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We also work in tandem with other galleries the world over, presenting curated exhibitions in such locations as Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong, Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California and Stolen Space in London, England, along with many others.

If you are a corporate sponsor interested in underwriting one of our shows or bringing a show to our area that’s touring to different cities, then please reach out to see what we may be able to work out. At the very least, we may be able to help you promote your event locally via our network of connections or help you find a venue that we can perhaps help to co-present.

Many of the artists we work with are available for commissions and art licensing (for film, TV, advertisting, etc.), so please inquire if you have any questions in regards to that.

We also consult for large acquisitions and installations for realtors, businesses, restaurants and retail locations. We will strive to meet any creative request, and via our network of artists, odds are we can bring your concept to life – whether it be a vague idea or an elaborate vision.