Laurence Vallieres’s inspiration and creativity can be difficult to describe, it’s an ephemeral flow of consciousness often best left uninterrupted, unquestioned. Whether it be a sketch, a small figurine, or nature itself – I allow my external influences to organically manifest themselves in my work.
Having always been interested in found objects, I’ve naturally been attracted to using recycled cardboard. It’s widely available and very often discarded. The use of cardboard in my work is intended to echo the notions of the impermanence and fragility of nature. The way in which a collector will care for the artwork, should be the same in which we all care for the life it represents.

The building material, along with sculpture-placement, are equally important as the figures they portray. Whether it be aluminum cans, decommissioned weapons, cardboard or recycled bottles. My sculptures are all protagonists in this ever-evolving narrative. A satirical epic in which my work aims to touch upon political, social and environmental issues.
I have recently started to use recycled plastic in my work. I’m concerned about the amount of plastic polluting our waters, so I am finding ways to re-purpose this material by working it into my art. My sculptures will continue to question and reflect my views on the environment and the world around us. – LV

Current and Previous Works by Laurence Vallieres

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  • “Ido Head”

    Cardboard based sculpture


    • ‘The New Vanguard II’ at the Lancaster MOAH
    • POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement – 2018
    • LAX / DTW : Detroit Hustle II