Spenser Little is a self-taught artist who has been bending wire for the last 15 years, allowing his creativity to morph into images that range from simple wordplay to complex portraits. He has related his wire work to a mixture of playing chess and illustration, as the problem-solving component of the work is what continues to inspire himself to create larger and more complex pieces. Some works contain moving components and multiple wires, but mostly the pieces are formed from one continuous piece of wire that is bent and molded to Little’s will. He has left the wire sculptures all over the world, in locations that range from the Eiffel Tower to bottom of caves, their location selected with little discernment only for the piece to be finally realized at the moment that someone discovers the surprise piece of art.

Current and Previous Works by Spenser Little

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  • “Balancing the Weight of Opulent Decadence”

    One continuous 22 gauge plastic coated steel wire
    24" × 24"
    61 × 61 cm


    • SCOPE Basel (Basel, Switzerland) – Booth B03
    • POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement – 2018
  • “Self Control Deity”

    One continuous 22 gauge plastic coated steel wire
    12" × 12"
    30 × 30 cm


    • SCOPE Miami Beach 2017