Abi Castillo

Country Spain


My work encompasses painting, illustration and ceramic sculpture.

Discovering ceramics introduced me to a world off aesthetic and creative possibilities that allow me to give shape to my creatures and characters.

In both lines, I strive to maintain a romantic ideal with a natural world which is fantastic, as though it were my own garden; but, at the same time, it plays with ambiguity and conceals something.

Each of these pieces or illustrations preserve the essence of my own self-portrait in which I am represented as a sweet, animated natural being, surrounded by elements that wrap themselves around me to protect me.

This ambivalence between mysticism and drama, between monstrosity and beauty, is all very present in my personal project.

As though all of this cover, every element that su- rrounds each being, were part of a shell protecting a fleshy, juicy and soft inside.

And these days, I work in a small workshop in a small rural town in Galicia (Spain)


Current and Previous Works by Abi Castillo

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