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Ador has previously showcased work both in the form of gallery exhibitions and outdoor murals worldwide. Ador is constantly looking to his surroundings, interested to see what he can learn next. The things that he learns become the inspiration for his work – current affairs, cultural phenomena and language. For him, art and creativity are ways in which one can take refuge from the madness of reality and find meaning. His characters are often drawn from fairytales, yet find themselves suddenly faced with reality. Ador’s goal is to portray the point where the silly meets the serious, often using caricature and satire. In choosing to use these childlike, eccentric and relatable characters as protagonists, Ador is able to address complex political or philosophical issues through his work, avoiding confrontation and making them easier to digest for the viewer. Not impeded by language barriers, his wish is that his work can be understandable and relatable for people from all walks of life, a sort of universal imagery.
-April 19, 2022 Ekaterina Popova

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