Anthony Hurd

Country United States
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Anthony Hurd is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Albuquerque NM. Their work is focused on the expressions of identity. What we relate to and why. The skin we’re in, the jobs we have, the families we create. Why are human’s so obsessed with identifying with and as things that are seemingly limiting to our long term growth?

Anthony was born is Kansas City, Missouri and raised on skateboard culture. As the weird gay kid who made they’re own clothes, cut their and they’re friends hair, painted all night after skating all day, and played bass in hardcore straightedge bands, They knew all too well that they needed to get out on his own and create his own path.

Their art career would start a couple of decades later, after years spent in the entertainment industry doing advertising and subsequently doing freelance work for years following that. The freelance jobs allowed Hurd to get back into painting and explore they’re creative process again.

With vulnerability and compassion for himself and others, they’ve been able to put a voice to previously unspoken moments. Constantly influenced and inspired by skateboard and music culture to this day, and the perspective of being a queer , non binary step dad, Hurd has created their own space to tell their stories.

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