Hanna Lee Joshi

Country Canada
Artist Website: https://hannaleejoshi.com/

Hanna Lee Joshi expresses the emotional intelligence of her rich internal world through color. Her relationship with intense hues bloomed at the tail end of a major depression in 2017, when she turned to intuition to explore new combinations. “I found that I saw life in more vivid colors,” she said.

Overcoming obstacles is nothing new for Hanna—she was only 12 when her entire family immigrated to Canada from Korea. It was a critical age to experience a language barrier, but planted the seeds needed to develop a powerful visual language of her own, one that didn’t rely on words to be understood.

Her commitment to self-mastery continued into adulthood, when she was diagnosed with Graves disease, an auto-immune disorder that overproduces thyroid hormones. She took the opportunity to slow down, listen to her internal needs, and shift gears. She replaced her workload as a storyboard artist with her own therapeutic art. She healed a lifelong disease through several years of patience and research…and kicked open the door for gallery shows and personal recognition in the process.

(Bio Source): Fate Finds You

Current and Previous Works by Hanna Lee Joshi

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