Oscar Joyo

Country Malawi

Oscar Joyo (b.1992) is a Malawian born, Chicago based artist. His genre of work can be described as Afrofuturism mixed with Afro surrealism. Oscar’s love for the arts began as a young boy drawing cartoons in Malawi. He and his passion for art traveled all the way to Chicago, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Life Drawing at The American Academy of Art in 2015. Shortly after graduating, he developed his signature technique and style of tribal patterns and vivid portraiture.

His medium is acrylic paint and resin on wood. The recent inclusion of resin as a top layer is a means to create dimension and depth within his paintings. Oscar attributes his chromesthesia (the ability to see colors when hearing sounds) to his use of various color gradients and intergalactic color schemes. He pays homage to his Malawian heritage by his use of fun shapes and patterns that breathe life into the paintings.

Now Oscar is an active artist and muralist. His work has been at various Chicago galleries like Line Dot Editions, Studio Oh, and aRRticles Gallery. Other galleries like Sally Centigrade in Colorado (Now in California), and Congressional Art Exhibition in South Korea have featured his work.

His work is a love letter to his African heritage and the hope that there will be a better future for people of colour.

Current and Previous Works by Oscar Joyo

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