Paola Delfin is an artist born in Mexico City, and is mainly influenced by illustrations, organic forms and a mixture of unusual materials. The topic she endeavors to explore relates to beauty and feminine sensibility. Through these female characteristics Delfin is able to depict a vast range of incredible changes and contrasts where she attempts to give her work a life of its own. She has a meticulous process of illustration, verging on almost an obsessive technique to portray the creative aesthetic of her generation while also depicting a reflective message. Her goal is to make her work universally available to all audiences from all walks of life.

Her introduction to the world of street art happened both spontaneously and inevitably after realizing that the messages she was trying to emit would become trapped and misunderstood on a small template. She found that using large wall space, it was a perfect way to express herself. Her mural work is a story of movement, while meshing the empty space with fluid lines to explore the beauty and fragility of the feminine figure and also how strong its impact can be.

Current and Previous Works by Paola Delfin

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  • “Catharsis”

    Mixed media on canvas
    12" × 12"
    30 × 30 cm


    • LAX / ORD II – Curated by Thinkspace
    • LAX / SFO Pt. III
    • POW! WOW! Hawai’i 2019
  • “Adentro”

    12" × 12"
    30 × 30 cm


    • Moniker 2019 – 12x12s