Sandra Chevrier

Country Canada

Sandra Chevrier currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. She is a gaze collector, an idea chaser and a full time single mom. Her work takes her traveling over a broad range of fluctuating emotional enigmas and concepts that have set the standard of our modern communication. Working in a home studio, Sandra produces her work at a full-time scale, aggressively pursuing a common thread until it is worn away, leaving her to begin on a new path.

She exposes the limitations within our world, our self-imposed expectations and the cages we have allowed to bar us from fullness of life’s experience.

Her work is shown in Canada as well as in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe and Asia. The series ‘’Super heros Cages’’ obtains a worldwide success. Her Art is now in the hands of collectors all over the globe; Europe, USA, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Russia…

The series “cages” is about women trying to find freedom from society’s twisted preconceptions of what a woman should or shouldn’t be. These women encased in these cages of brash imposing paint or comic books that masks their very person symbolizes the struggle that women go through with having these false expectations of beauty and perfection as well as the limitations society places on women, corrupting what truly is beautiful by placing women in these prisons of identity. By doing so, society is asking them to become superheroes.
Sandra uses collage or loose and heavy textures of paint that make the woman seem to be emerging from the surreal world within the canvas.

A dance between reality and imagination, truth and deception.

Current and Previous Works by Sandra Chevrier

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