Sean Banister

Country United States

Sean Banister is an artist from Riverside, California. While growing up in Southern California as a young painter and envisioning an adult life in the art world, Sean’s early years in college steered him from a life in the arts and towards a degree in English and a career in teaching. As he approached 15 years as an English teacher, Sean began working his way to earning a second credential in teaching Art, coinciding with a return to painting as a main priority in his life. Sean’s art education has been a self guided patchwork of sources: foundational classes at Riverside Community College, various workshops in Southern California, along the wealth of online resources have all been woven into his approach to his paintings.

Sean reprioritized art in his life in 2019, and by the end of the year he had garnered the attention of gallerists and collectors alike through juried open submission shows and portfolio reviews.

Photo Cred: Charles Lenida

Current and Previous Works by Sean Banister

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