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Born in Manila, TRNZ (Terence) was introduced to art through dubbed Japanese animes airing daily on their local television.

After receiving a BFA Major in Advertising, he spent his early years as an art director in TBWA/SMP, a global network advertising agency. In 2017, he shifted directions and started dabbling into visual art. His time in advertising taught him to embrace a multimedia approach in his work.

He is a visual artist with a penchant for misarrangement.

The past, the concepts, the emotions, the intangible. Borrowing the meanings of the tangible and putting everything in their place, not where they’re supposed to be. The logical world cannot make sense of them, but the absurdity makes all these, in some way of grasping it, right where they are supposed to be.

He creates a world with alluring narration while keeping characteristics that are unique to him.

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