Young-Ji Cha

Country Korea, South
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Young-Ji Cha was born in Seoul, Korea, and currently works in Los Angeles, California. She started her training in classical fine arts and later in illustration. Her recent works are inspired by traditional folktales and various forms of animation. Besides freelance illustration and gallery art, Young-Ji Cha also works with various studios within the animation industry as a visual development artist.

“My career is technically divided into two parts, but both utilize all the skills I learned from school. The first half of me works in the animation industry as a visual development artist and the second half as a gallery painter. Working in animation is quite different since it requires a team effort and there are stricter guidelines, versus working on my own personal projects for galleries where I have more freedom to express my own voice. I started my career in animation as a background painter and as exciting as it was for me, I still craved to work on my own personal projects. Which led me to go back to traditional painting on my own. I started sharing some of my art online and Thinkspace Gallery gave me a chance to showcase my work which has led to other projects.

I got to where I am in my career because of my decision in college to switch from being a traditional fine art painting major to a Visual Development major. This resulted in me staying in school longer than most of my classmates and also costing a lot more tuition. But everything is working out now since I am able to work in both fields.”

(📸: @peoplesprints)

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