April 6, 2024 - April 27, 2024

Group Show

A Better Tomorrow (Gallery I)

Opening Reception with the Artist(s): Saturday, April 6, 2024 6:00-10:00pm

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Thinkspace Projects presents:

Group Exhibition
Gallery I

Our new group exhibition is named ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and we have aimed to inspire all those in the show to create a work that showcases how we can all work towards a better tomorrow for ourselves and for future generations. Be that via community activism / service, building on family traditions to keep one’s culture alive, fighting climate change, helping our animal population, teaching our youth, inspiring change in perspectives towards cultures unfamiliar to our own, saving our ecosystem / nature… whatever constitutes ‘A Better Tomorrow’ for them and their loved ones.

Featuring new works from:
Antonio J. Ainscough
Estefania Ajcip
Alex Face
Fajar Amali
Adrian Armstrong
Vincent Arnold
Reen Barrera
Destiny Branay
Ezra Brown
Stephanie Buer
Phoenix Chan
Cham Cristobal
Emilia Cruz
Leo Eguiarte
Sofia Enriquez
Jordan Ferguson
Liz Flores
Priscilla S. Flores
Jacub Gagnon
Brian “Dovie” Golden
Shinnosuke Hariya
Willem Hoefnaggel
Anjastama Hp
Anthony Hurd
Charlie Immer
Ronald Jackson
Tosin Kalejaye
Leon Keer
Jolene Lai
Young Lee
Scott Listfield
Huntz Liu
Lucas Lobo
Lonesome Town
Yu-Chun Ma
Kiara Aileen Machado
Sean Mahan
Mando Marie
Steve Martinez
Eli McMullen
Vanessa Morata
Mister Toledo
Mr. B Baby
Alvaro Naddeo
Bell Nakai
Fumi Nakamura
Taylor Lee Nicholson
Jerry Pena
Kevin Peterson
Gustavo Rimada
Euan Roberts
Fandi Angga Saputra
Byun Sehee
Andie Taylor
Yusuke Toda
Melly Trochez
Shar Tuiasoa
Jacqueline Valenzuela
Roos van der Vliet
Michael Vasquez
Daisy Velasco
Nuno Viegas
Brian M. Viveros
Cy Wang
Brad Woodfin
Wang Yalong
Cheong Yoon
Jaime Zacarias (aka GERMS)
Manuel Zamudio