Global Storming

September 14, 2007 - October 5, 2007

Dennis Hayes IV, Erik Abel, & 2H

Global Storming

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Global Storming Show Statement:

“A world thrown into turmoil by dried up paint, brushes burned, and galleries divided. Entire art shows rendered uninhabitable. The center of Los Angeles left artless. The borders of the US and Australia patrolled by armies firing into waves of starving artists desperate to find a new gallery home. Art supply stores armed with cannons to drive off competitors. Demands for access to paint and canvas backed up with nuclear weapons.” …something has to be done.

“If that doesn’t make you want to view art, I really don’t know what will.” – JUXTAPOZ

Erik Abel Bio:

With an unquenched thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world around him, Erik Abel assembles his experience into a complex visual language, one which alludes to some primitive yet thoughtful origin. Abel’s rough style and obscure subject communicates a sense of wonder, experimentation, discovery and balance.

Being heavily influenced by and involved in the surf/skate/snow sports industry and working as a freelance graphic designer and art director for over 10 years, Abel‘s method of bold, graphical imagery fused with his loose brush and pen work seems to find a growing niche of it’s own in the fast rising “Urban Contemporary” art movement.

Elements from inspirations such as ancient civilizations, cycles of nature, plants, symbols, systems, mechanics, icons, and politics, combine to call attention to his findings about our past, present and future.

Abel returned to Portland, Oregon in early 2007 to professionally pursue his passion for art. He currently works in his home studio and shows in galleries throughout the country.

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Dennis Hayes IV Bio:

With the exception of his studies at Alfred University artist Dennis Hayes IV, has dwelled in the aftermath of industrialized blue collar cities (Buffalo, New York and Detroit, Michigan). Hayes pulls a great amount of inspiration from these rust belt metropolises along with scientific and technical approaches of the naturalist arts movement, influences of niche counter cultures and his background in industrial design and has integrated it into a signature style of harvesting found materials to create subtle, but politically, environmentally, and culturally charged multi layered “portraits” of living organisms. The use of symbolism through geometry and composition add a highly graphic and textured environment in which his characters reside within the image. His work has been gaining demand and has lead to exhibitions in such cities as Los Angeles, Denver, Portland, Toronto, Montreal and Hamburg with such esteemed galleries as Gallery 1988, Limited Addiction, Compound Gallery and C-POP.

Artist website:

2H Bio:

A member of the active and growing Pocket Full Of Monsters crew, 2H has been on a mission this past year to become known on an international level. With an active and growing collector base, due to shows in the past year with the likes of BLVD Gallery, Gallery 1988, Compound Gallery, Suite 100 Gallery, Monster Children Gallery, Nucleus Gallery and SURU; it is clear to see that his goal of international recognition is fast becoming realized.

2H was the name of his brother’s graffiti crew back in high school. This Seattle based artist decided to keep the name alive and now uses it as his alias. Whether on the street, live painting, working on gallery shows, or being involved in worthy commercial projects, 2H’s art is an evolution of numerous styles he’s incorporated throughout his time thus far on this planet. His characters express emotions he’s had to deal with living in downtown Seattle next to a major freeway, its vibrations and noise a constant distraction and reminder of urban life during all hours of the day.

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