November 9, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Curated Group Show

Paint Guide (Main Room)

Opening Reception with the Artist(s): Saturday, November 9, 2019 6:00pm - 9:00pm
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09. NOV . 19 – 30. NOV. 19

“Five years in the making, PaintGuide has officially opened up a new chapter, we are honoured to be in collaboration with Thinkspace Projects to mark our new beginnings.” ~PaintGuide Team.

This November, we present: Re-Beginning, as PaintGuide’s first and largest exhibition to date as its new entity, viewable from the 9th – 30th November, 2019.

Contrasting from the conventional gallery path, PaintGuide established themselves through strategized chaos at the swipe of a finger. Diving into the creative arts world within the array of social media with a curatorial kaleidoscope. PaintGuide has been presenting an alternative creative experience since 2014, exhibiting this collection of works of over 95 international artists that has formerly participated in PaintGuide’s weekly take-overs.

Re-beginning aims to bring this overturned interaction into the physical space. Rendering PaintGuide’s own ‘take-over’ onto the walls of Thinkspace. In hopes to emancipate the strict ideology of arts and the sole preconception of ‘paint’ -guide. Presenting an expanded spectrum of works in this collection from traditional figurative works to exquisite embroidery, all of which offers their own unique visual languages.

Co-curating with PaintGuide, come join us for Re-beginning, celebrating their new beginning again. Opening on Saturday, November 9th with an evening reception from 6 – 9 pm. The exhibition will be on view through until Saturday, November 30th. For more information or additional images, please email us at :

Participating Artists:
Aaron Nagel | Alessandra Maria | Alex Garant | Alexandra Gallagher | Ali Cavanaugh | Allison Sommers | Alonsa Guevara | Alpay Efe | AM DeBrincat | Amy Sol | Andrew Hem | Andrew Salgado | Andy Espinoza | Anthony Hurd | Anthony Waichulis | Axel Void | Bo Bartlett | Christopher Charles Curtis | Caitlin McCormack | Carlos Delgado | Charlie Immer | Cian McLoughlin | Cinta Vidal | Conrad Roset | Daan Noppen | Dan Lam | Dan Witz | Daniel Martin | Daniel Ochoa | Daniel Segrove | dontfret | Drew Merritt | Edwige Fouvry | Elly Smallwood | Eloy Morales | Erik Formoe | Fabio La Fauci | Felicia Forte | Felipe Alonso | Fintan Magee | Florian Eymann | Helice Wen | Henrik Uldalen | Hidden Velvet | Hollis Dunlap | Jake Wood-Evans | James Kroner | Jana Brike | Jérémie Marié | Jessica Hess | Jessica So Ren Tang | Johan Deckmann | John Wentz | Johnny Thornton | Julio Reyes | Kai Samuels-Davis | Kaili Smith | Karla Ortiz | Kevin Llewellyn | Kevin Peterson | Kikyz1313 | Kim Hyunji | Kit King | Linsey Levendall | Lizzie Gill | Loribelle Spirovski | Lorraine Loots | Martin Wittfooth | Matt Gordon | Morten Thyholt | Nadezda | Natalia Fabia | Nicomi Nix Turner | Olav Mathisen | Paul Cristina | Pruch Sintunava | QimmyShimmy | Roos van der Vliet | Rui Matsunaga | Sam Wolfe Connelly | Shawn Barber | Simon Fensholm | Soey Milk | So Youn Lee | TelmoMiel | Tom Bagshaw | Tran Nguyen | Travis Louis | Victor Montaghini | Vincent Xeus | Wendelin Wholgemuth | YanJun Cheng | Yoshino