February 10, 2024 - March 2, 2024

RYOL (aka Ryo Laksamana)

Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rock Star (Gallery I)

Opening Reception with the Artist(s): Saturday, February 10, 2024 6:00-10:00pm

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Thinkspace Projects presents:

RYOL (aka Ryo Laksamana)
‘Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rock Star’
(Gallery I)

Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 10 from 6-10pm

Plus be sure to also check out the Thinkspace Night Market located in the courtyard between our two spaces

Live painting from 1440 + an artist mini-mart with booths from Miss Brixx, Alepsis Hernandez, Amy Smith, Fl.our Pots & Anthony Manorek’s vintage offerings + amazing grub from Zavala’s Pies + weed bar from The Cure Company + our open bar + free Liquid Death + coffee and warm drinks from the Mad Barista + video projections from Digital Debris Video Gallery + Venice Beats providing the soundtrack to the evening.

On view February 10 thru March 2, 2024

RYOL (aka Ryo Laksamana)
‘Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rock Star’

For our third solo exhibition together, the Indonesian artist Ryol has created a series of 12 paintings, ten of which see the artist reimagining masterpieces from nine legendary artists. Through the lens of his distinctive style, this series of works explores the intersections between classical artistry and today’s dynamic cultural landscape.

Ryol’s new works are quite different from his past works: in “Rain,” “Chupa Chups for You,” “Iced Tea,” “Half-Shredded Painting,” and “Man with a Parasol,” to name a few, he responded to popular culture products and phenomena. However, in some of his works in this new series, such as “Cats of Golconda,” we can experience both of these approaches when Magritte’s idea of human’s uniformity in 1953 meets Sanrio’s anthropomorphized animal characters, mainly the so-called Global Marketing Phenomenon, Hello Kitty.

“Stealing Drinks from a Drunk Rockstar” is a cheeky nod to what he does: a joyous act of challenging perceptions and definitions of good art – if not art itself – by representing a moment from the great masters and toasting to the unending contemporary artistic expression. Ryol creates new situations and therefore a new set of invoked feelings and meanings for not only familiar, but iconic works.

“Stealing Drinks from a Drunk Rockstar” serves as a playful reminder that the boundaries of creativity are fluid, and the echoes of the past can find resonance in the beats of the contemporary. Here Ryol skillfully employs humor and irony to break down the barriers that separate centuries, inviting the audience to witness the timeless conversation between art forms.

About Ryol (aka Ryo Laksamana):
Originally from Banyuwangi in East Java, Ryo Laksamana (aka Ryol | b. 1993 Indonesia) is a graduate of the prestigious Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta. The artist blends childlike fancy with nods to pop culture and beyond. His paintings and drawings depict young people with enormous, emotive eyes. Laksamana cites Yoshitomo Nara as a key stylistic influence. Earlier works have a more sombre tone. Their pop-surrealist style is made up of muted, smoothly blended oils. Around 2020, the artist began creating works with a more light-hearted feel. His technique involves applying layer upon layer of acrylic, pastel and crayon. Occasionally he adds splashes of paint or uses stencils. While still portraits, the mark-making is more visible, colourful and playful.

When he was a kid, Ryol would scribble onto his history books in school. This mode of appropriation remains in his practice today. Art historical and pop cultural references are layered throughout. Some paintings are based on Neo-Expressionist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Others reimagine Pokémon cards, characters from the Flintstones or smartphone interfaces. “Pop culture in Indonesia is consumerism,” says the artist. As such, Ryol reflects the world that surrounds him – filtering mass culture through a fun, youthful lens.