March 9, 2024 - March 30, 2024


Alliance Ethnique (Gallery IV)

Opening Reception with the Artist(s): Saturday, March 9, 2024 6:00-10:00pm

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‘Alliance Ethnique’
(Gallery IV)

Excited to welcome Stom500 back for his sophomore solo exhibition with us here at Thinkspace Projects. ‘Alliance Ethnique’ is a reference to the name of a French rap group from the ’90s, whose songs are always very positive and defend respect and cultural diversity. It’s a play on words to define Stom’s new exhibition as a whole:

Artist Statement:
Alliance for the “living together” aspect, the team aspect through my animal compositions, which all seem to be moving in the same direction to become one. It’s a reference to tribes from a general point of view. Both from an ancestral point of view, through masks, jewelry and fabrics and from a modern point of view, with the reflection of what is a tribe today? Sports fans? Music fans?

Wearing a Chicago Bulls tracksuit today shows that you’re a fan of the team and belong to a specific group. Every country has its own culture, idols and modern crews.

In my new works focusing on masks, the hamster refers to an endangered species in my region, which for me is a strong symbol of animals to be saved. On the other hand, the sculpture of the owl represents a very strong animal from Native American culture and makes the link with the gallery in LA. In both works, I drew inspiration from various techniques and systems to create motifs inspired by tribes from all over the planet. The idea was not to steal a tribe’s culture, but to pay homage to them. Both masks are an opening to the world around us.

About the artist:
Cultivating a delirious and humorous universe nourished by the euphoric energy of cartoons, this self-taught virtuoso from a neighboring village in the Swiss municipality of Basel is multiplying his talents. Trained as a graphic designer, professional illustrator and renowned graffiti artist for In the Over the past five years, Stom500 has been, as he defines himself with humor, a veritable “Swiss army knife”. Spray, brushes, acrylic … Large murals or small canvases: he uses a variety of mediums and styles with a predilection for animal themes which, under the varnish of pleasure, carry a relevant message, often humanistic or ecological. Like his swirling bees or his seemingly incompatible bestiaries, such as the raven and the fox inspired by La Fontaine’s fables.