Untitled Love Project, Phase 4

August 4, 2007

Various Artists

Untitled Love Project, Phase 4

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An emotionally influenced experiment examining the broken heart. Each individual artist will revisit a past relationship through their medium (illustration, painting, photography, etcetera)

The project will be supplemented with a book, which will feature each original artistic expression accompanied with interviews, short stories, or journal entries regarding the story behind the conceptual recollection.

The untitled LOVE project will have a website designated to the project detailing every aspect of the process. Individuals will also be able to contribute by sharing their text and images.

PHASE 4 // Artists:
Dennis Hayes IV / Allison Sommers / Angry Woebots / Brian M. Viveros / Camilla Engman / Candace Metzger / Catia Chien / Chris Ryniak / Courtney Oquist / Dan-Ah Kim / Daniel Fleres / Dave Chung / Dave Pressler / Elesavet Lawson / Erik Siador / Frieda Gossett / Gabe Leonard / Isaac Pierro / J. Shea #9 / Jarrod Eastman / Jeff McMillan / Jenna Colby / Jesse Hotchkiss / Jesse Kerr / Jon Todd / Justin Ridge / Kenneth LaValle / KMNDZ / Kristian Olson / Kristyn Dors / Marco Zamora / Mark Allen Miller / Melissa Contreras / Michael Mararian (Inky Dreadfuls) / Miss Mindy / P.J. Fidler / Rachel Schmidhofer / Scott Chenoweth / Scott Saw / Timothy Karpinski / Yuka Yamaguchi / Zoso

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